Careers at Adams Building Supply

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A bit about us:

Adams Building Supply Limited is a dynamic, family-owned, and operated multi-store enterprise
providing high-quality lumber and building supplies to professional and retail customers in Southern
Ontario. With a strong emphasis on exceptional service and value, we are dedicated to cultivating new
customer relationships while enhancing our offerings for our existing customer base. As we prepare to
transition to our state-of-the-art location, we are seeking additional Lumberyard Associates to join our
team at the Woodstock location.

Why Choose Adams Building Supply:

Join Adams Building Supply Limited and be part of our exciting growth journey. As a forward-thinking
company, we are constantly seeking new avenues for expansion and positioning ourselves as industry
leaders in the building supply sector. Our commitment to our team members is evident in our opendoor
policy, where we actively seek and value their input and opinions when shaping our strategies. We
foster a family-oriented and enjoyable work environment while maintaining a strong dedication to
professionalism and excellence. As we continue to grow, there will be ample opportunities for career
advancement within our stores. Additionally, we offer a strong compensation package that includes a
health and dental benefits plan.

Inside Contractor Sales Specialist

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Inside Sales Associate - Paint and Design Specialist

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Inside Sales Associate - LBM

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Lumberyard Associate/Load Builder

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DZ Delivery Driver/Truck Mounted Forklift Operator

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